With over 8 years in public service, we are an experienced group of South Indians who are educated and talented masters in various ancient healing sciences including Reiki and Yoga. We are a very special group in that we have over six types of healing arts under one roof. Our team has experts and facilities in numerous countries. We provide and offer many superior quality services to promote alternative systems of healing and teaching.

Why we are doing:

Throughout Vedic history knowledge has been passed down orally from master to disciple in order to protect the true nature of the art/science. This transmission of knowledge cannot happen with laptops and books, it must happen simply by oral hymns and explanations. This oral tradition has been maintained for more than 5000 years.

In this new age, the population is much greater and it is easier to communicate across distances through technological discoveries. This increases the chances of living a stressful life in a polluted and unhealthy world, with poor health and food habits all around. We provide our services to help lead out of a life of stress, misery and unhealthy habits and into a world of health and happiness.

Our team of experts is very happy to have been able to supply these services to people for over 8 years. We are happy to report that that we have achieved success with our patients as they are 100% satisfied.

Just for today - Don't get angry, Don't worry, Be grateful, Work hard & honestly and Be kind to every living thing.