About Us

White Shadow, founded in 2000, is a center that provides healing sessions and courses in the ancient hidden sciences. These sciences have their roots in AGASTHYAR, SAGE PARASURAMA, SAGE PATANJALY, SIDHARS AND NATHARS OF THE ANCIENT BHARATHA (INDIA). We are a group of masters within the lineage of the above sciences. We have become masters in these sciences and healing arts by studying, practicing and living their vedic wisdom. We have done this in order to heal people to make them confident enough to survive in all circumstances with least effort.


Dr. Ajikumar was born in 1972 into a farming family in the south Indian hills of Munnar. He completed his studies and earned a diploma in civil engineering in 1992. Dr. AjiKumar spent the next 8 years as a building engineer on various hydro-electric projects. Dr. Aji Kumar began practicing alternative medicine in 1999 after he earned his registration from the Open International University for Alternative Medicine in Calcutta.

Dr. Ajikumar was initiated into the Vedic sciences by a famous MAHATMA in 2000 and started the White Shadow Center for alternative medicine in the hills of south India. Dr. Aji Kumar has traveled across Bharat (India), from the North to the South and from the East to the West in order to serve as a healer to society. After serving the public in his home country (India), he went to Europe to serve the public. In 2005 Dr. Ajikumar traveled to Belgium, Holland and Germany under the direction of master SRI M. PUTHUPPADY. There he organized and lead seminars and workshops for people who suffered from stress. In 2007 Dr. Ajikumar returned to Europe as his students in these countries wanted and yearned for more advanced courses and studies. He visited France, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands where he certified and awarded advanced degrees and certifications to students in alternative healing sciences.

Dr. Ajikumar currently teaches the knowledge of least effort and other advanced courses to his students across all the countries he has visited. With more than eight years of healing service to the public, Dr. Ajikumar has trained more than 500 sadhakas (practitioners) who live extremely well in the mode of “the least effort.” As well as these 500 sadhakas, thousands of people have received benefits by attending Dr. Ajikumar’s healing sessions.

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