Millions of thanks

Aji , Millions of thanks to You
Не могу не поделится, насколько Аджи потрясающий, я не знаю как он это делает, но мне и не важно, главное, что улыбку с моего лица после общения с ним не стереть самое волшебное то, что будучи таким Мастером, Аджи остаётся человеком, понимающим вещи, которые тревожат нас и помогает нам, а про его чувства юмора, я вообще молчу

Ekaterina PevtsovaRussia
Highly recommending

IMG-20160530-WA0002I did my Reiki level 1 course with Aji at the Himalaya spiritual centre and I really enjoyed it. Master Aji is such a great teacher and is so open and friendly! I learned so much in two days! I would highly recommend his course.


Jess ButtanshawIreland
Excellent teacher

I really enjoyed the course AJI is an excellent teacher. We had a very calm energy which made me feel very comfortable. I really thought the analogies Master used helped me to understand the concept of “Rei’. I hope to one day come back to India and improve my REIKI practice even further.


Amazing experience

I had an amazing experience Thanks to AJI , while completing my 1st REIKILEVEL , we were kindly explained about Reiki and how we can use it to heal ourself and others, But mainly I could feel really useful and enlightening energy all around

Thanks AJI,

Thanks REIKI and all lineage

Very good experience

Very good experience, and very interesting class, I learned a lot of things and it was an opening to me a lot of opportunities about spirituality and learning thank you so much Masters ,! AJI & Ashley

Thank you so much for the course

Thank you so much for the course ! It was really relaxed and Reiki Master Aji was really friendly and funny. I learned a lot and really enjoyed practicing, I’m excited to continue my Reiki practice and learning

Reikiyogam Retreat

I attended the Reikiyogam retreat in Varkala in January 2016. I was completely new to Reiki and I left the retreat with a very in depth understanding of Reiki and its applications as well as the confidence to give effective healing to others. I received my initial attunement the first day, with the additional attunements over the following few days. I had the opportunity to practise self-healing and healing on others every day of this course, starting from the second day. This helped solidify the teachings and also gave me the opportunity to ask any questions that arose as I became more familiar with giving Reiki. The usual 2-day Reiki course offered elsewhere would not provide the opportunity for so much practise and practise is essential.

This retreat is appropriate for total beginners and also for experienced reiki practitioners. Aji and his assistant Ashley don’t just practise and teach Reiki – they live it! Anyone would benefit from spending time in their company, going deeper into their knowledge and practise. Throughout the course masters shared their experiences of using Reiki on a daily basis, both to heal and to manifest. They taught me how to use Reiki for serious issues like healing past trauma, but also for fun things like manifesting the perfect pair of sunglasses. I previously thought that Reiki was something you “do” but this retreat showed me how to “be” Reiki, to live in a state of personal healing power.

Taking all of the factors of the retreat into consideration, and in comparison to other programs, the price of the course is extremely good value. While there is a structure to the program, Masters relate to each student individually. It is an intensive retreat but also a lot of fun. Masters are  very fun and funny, and having course leaders with a great sense of humour is essential for this kind of healing work! I highly recommend this retreat whether for personal healing or for developing a Reiki practise to heal others.

Stephanie MacKayCanada
I warmly recommend Reiki

“I warmly recommend Reiki Grand Master Dr Aji Kumar in Munnar, South India, due to his honest, respectful and empathic approach as a teacher with a lot of warmth and humour.
When you first see him, you will experience how he radiates peace and compassion.
With his extensive knowledge and experience in teaching and healing according to the traditional Usui System, Aji will make sure to attune you and thereby connect you to the natural healing source.
The feedback from him is great and constructive, with a wish to see you succeed as a healer”

Laughed out loud with Joy

Aji, thank you for your presence, your energy and your teaching. This was a powerful and wonderful experience. Today during the attunement session, I had beautiful vision of the chakras  colour illuminating up and down,
Towards the did something with your hands and I felt the divine mother enter me-my mooladhara chakra ahook and then I almost laughed out loud with Joy.Thank you
Thanks Reiki.