Happiness through Reiki Yoga Meditation – an intensive holistic refinement program

HRYM is a spiritual enhancement package, which includes Reiki attunement course with certification for first and second degree level, which would help you to heal yourself and others with out any equipment or altered state of consciousness. It will equip you with an anytime anywhere capability to deal with your daily challenges in living. The yoga discipline may help you to keep yourself fit, and also will give you the cognitive skills for managing the stress which is psychosomatic in nature. The asana practices are meant for using your body as a tool for physical fitness and spiritual awareness. We are introducing Vedic and Reiki meditation practices which would help the person for concentration and effortless living. This camp is a residential and intensive .It includes breathing exercises which includes different types of pranayama. In pranayama breath is used in multi-fold ways to achieve detoxification, oxygenation, stress release,etc. We have included ancient Vedic meditations guided cognitive meditations based on the ancient texts, Mantra chanting sessions, which will help you to discover the harmony with the world which would eventually calm your mind. Our course menu in detail and the schedule of our sessions can be referred to for a detail understanding of our HRYM package.

Residential camp with a holistic life menu for stress free & healthy living

Reiki first and second level attunement certificate course
Basic hathayoga asanas.
Different types of pranayama (breathing exercises)
Meditation sessions based on veda
Reiki meditation
Mantra mediation and vedic chanting.
Pathanjali yoga sutra lessons on living
Theory on panchakosha(five sheaths of the body)
Reiki anatomy and Vedic vision of life