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    21 Days Retreat - Reiki, Yoga, Ayurveda, Mantra and Vedanta

    Himalaya, INDIA

    DSC_3239_5Join us in the beautiful Indian Himalayas for 3 blissful weeks of healing and learning with Authentic Indian Masters. In these 3 weeks, we will learn practices for harmonizing mind, body, and spirit on all levels, removing psychic blocks, healing trauma, cleaning and aligning the chakras, and living a healthy balanced lifestyle. Our teaching includes;

    • Reiki (initiations & classes)
    • Ayurveda & Panchakarma (personal Panchakarma detox treatments)
    • Yoga & Pranayama
    • Vedic rituals
    • Vedic Philosophy with an Indian Monk
    • Mantras for peace and healing
    • Meditation with secret techniques
    • Practices for Spiritual development and growth

    The retreat begins with one week Ayurvedic Consultations, Healing and Detox, followed by two weeks of intensive courses with our team of top scholars, doctors, and healers with more than 16 years experience in spiritual practices. Teachings and workshops will highlight practices for balancing the chakras through Reiki and Yogic practices, along with one week of Vedic philosophy class from an Indian Monk. This retreat will help you develop your abilities to create your own life and be the master of your self.

    Meet our team of experts: Indian Reiki Master, Yoga & Pranayam instructor, Vedic Philosophy expert and Indian Monk & Experienced Ayurvedic Doctor

    Week 1 : Ayurvedic Consultation and Tridosha balancing treatments (Panchakarma)

    Week 2 & 3: Workshops for Balancing the Chakras through Reiki and Yoga

    & 1 week Vedic Philosophy Class

    Suitable for those new to Reiki and Yoga as well as Intermediate-Master level practitioners.

    *New Reiki Students will receive level I at the beginning of the program and Level II at the end

    *Level II practitioners will receive Level III

    * Those who are already Reiki Masters will receive some extra teaching and techniques to go deeper into your practice through implementation of meditation and Yogic practices into your Reiki routine

    Accommodation: Clean and comfortable single room (or double if requested) with attached bathroom, surrounded by the breathtaking mountain views of the Himalayas.

    Price: $2,250 USD

    Price is all-inclusive, this means food, accommodation, classes, all expenses during the course, this EXCLUDES all travel cost. We will arrange all accommodation for the guests, just they have to arrive at the point of the retreat by their own cost, we can certainly help to arrange transport from the port of arrival in India and recommend the closest places to fly into

The Course Fee  includes:-

  • Private coaching, spiritual consultations.
  • Food and accommodation.

This fee does not include your air-ticket, Airport transfers or taxi charges to/from our course venue campus.

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