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    Yoga and Reiki retreat

    Varkkala, Kerala, India

    During these session, we will learn practices for harmonizing mind, body, and spirit on all levels. Our teachings include a mixture of Reiki classes, healing, and ceremonies for awakening energy channels (initiations),  Ayurveda& Panchakarma, Yoga & Pranayama, Vedic Rituals,  Vedic  Philosophy teachings, Mantras for peace and healing, and Metaphysics of Meditation with ancient secret techniques. The retreat begins with one week Ayurvedic Consultations, Healing and Detox, followed by 2 weeks of intensive courses with our team of top scholars. This retreat will help you develop your abilities to create your own life and be the master of your self.
    Suitable for those new to Reiki and Yoga as well as Intermediate-Master level practitioners.

The Course Fee  includes:-

  • Private coaching, spiritual consultations.
  • Food and accommodation.

This fee does not include your air-ticket, Airport transfers or taxi charges to/from our course venue campus.

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