Event Information:

  • Wed

    Reiki Retreat and Advanced Yoga and Tantra Lessons

    Stavropol,, Yalta and Saint Peters Burg


    We will learn practices for harmonizing mind, body, and spirit on all levels, removing psychic blocks, healing trauma, cleaning and aligning the chakras, and living a healthy balanced lifestyle. Our teaching includes;

    Reiki (initiations & classes)
    Yoga & Pranayama
    Vedic rituals
    Vedic Philosophy with an Indian Monk
    Mantras for peace and healing
    Meditation with secret techniques
    Practices for Spiritual development and growth

    Meet our team of experts: Indian Reiki Master, Yoga & Pranayam instructor, Vedic Philosophy expert and Indian Monk

    Suitable for those new to Reiki and Yoga as well as Intermediate-Master level practitioners.

    *New Reiki Students will receive level I at the beginning of the program and Level II at the end

    *Level II practitioners will receive Level III

    * Those who are already Reiki Masters will receive some extra teaching and techniques to go deeper into your practice through implementation of meditation and Yogic practices into your Reiki routine

    • Reiki Healing sessions , Reiki Initiations and training - (Entry through registration)
    • Lecture on Hatayoga - (Entry on per-registration)
    • Meditations from Tantra - (Entry on pre-booking)
    • Agnihotra yajna - (Free Entry for all)

    Contact for your seat

    Event Manager (Russia) Boris +7 960 268-02-21

    (Phone: +7 (978) 805 23 88 - Anna)

    (+7 (978) 803 10 85 - Alena)


The Course Fee  includes:-

  • Private coaching, spiritual consultations.
  • Food and accommodation.

This fee does not include your air-ticket, Airport transfers or taxi charges to/from our course venue campus.

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