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    14 Days Residential Retreat in Himalaya 2016

    Himalaya Spiritual Center, Dharmasala, Himachal, India
    13118983_10206300905025701_7111966283775986467_nJoin us in the beautiful Indian Himalayas for 2 blissful weeks of healing and learning with Authentic Indian Masters. In these 2 weeks, we will learn practices for harmonizing mind, body, and spirit on all levels, removing psychic blocks, healing trauma, cleaning and aligning the chakras, and living a healthy balanced lifestyle.


    • Reiki Certification /Initiation in basic or the next higher level.
    • 7 days Panchakarma Ayurvedic herbal oil treatments with Massages.
    • Healing sessions with Reiki Masters.
    • Vaidika Meditation, Tibetan healing.
    • Veda Mantra rituals for peace and knowledge.
    • Yoga Asana & Pranayama
    • Food & accommodation (3 healthy veg meals & snacks)
    • One day local sight seeing excursion
    • Yajna (Veda Fire rituals )
    • Spiritual counselling with Reiki Master
    • Lectures on Tibetan medicine by experts.
    • You will receive Reiki professional Certification,
    • Learn to Chant Sanskrit mantras and get positive benefits.
    • Learn How to perform Own Yajna and its global benefits.
    • How to heal self and others,
    • Basic Yoga asanas and meditations for harmony and wealth after all
    • A complete rebalance in your body by Ayurvedic rejuvenation and detoxification through authentic Traditional Ayurvedic experts.

    Cost: 1250 USD

The Course Fee  includes:-

  • Private coaching, spiritual consultations.
  • Food and accommodation.

This fee does not include your air-ticket, Airport transfers or taxi charges to/from our course venue campus.

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