REIKI is a Japanese word represents the base energy of universe.

‘Rei’ represents universal consciousness and ‘KI’ represent the moving force in the universe. The right interpretation from Japanese word” Reiki “ Which using in Uisui system Of REIKI NATUARAL HEALING through English language is impossible because there are limitation in this language.

Generally in English known as “ universal life-force energy.’ ‘Rei’ represents pure consciousness (Brahmam) ‘Ki’ is the life force . The great scholar Dr. Mikao Usui of Japan revived the ancient Vedic “Prana Vidhya” as Reiki in the late 19th Century. He DIVISED A METHOD OF ATTUNING A PERSON TO BECOME A Reiki Channel, by the virtue of his initiation to Reiki, one can channelise this amazing energy to oneself and to others without any belief, without any rituals, and prayers, or even without concentration. REIKI is natural and safe, the practitioner doesn’t loose own energy while practice Reiki, however even more energetic after each session of usage of Reiki.

Since REIKI is the first vibration which emanates from BRAHMAN ,Hence it is very useful to know oneself through the regular practice in life after Initiation from a TRADITIONAL Reiki Teacher from Usui shiki Ryoho the Usui system of Reiki Natural healing. REIKI is such an oldest science and philosophy of Man. The Reiki initiation from qualified Teacher ignite the process of expansion of mind and liberation of energy and consciousness from matter. Hence it shall be widely using for hands on off healing and for knowledge. One can be get enlightened through a regular practice of Reiki.

However the modern age Medical practitioners who became Reiki practitioners underlined that this is a Miraculous healing system of incomparable ease and power. It is natural and holistic and no medicine is used. So It deals with energy and forces which surround us.
Reiki is not substitute for modern medicine. But its a very powerful system of curative and preventive powers in physical,mental/emotional and spiritual levels of a person.
Today more and more people are becoming enthusiastic about the Reiki method of natural healing, as it enables you to channel this precious energy to yourself and others in a very simple way.

The more life force there is in the body the more one is fulfilled in the physical, mental and emotional level.

Benefits of Reiki.

  • Reiki is self help you take control of your health and well-being. .
  • Reduces Stress and tension and promotes relaxation alleviates tiredness and aching muscles
  • Relives pain and discomfort of chronic diseases.
  • Relieves head aches, cold, flue cuts, burns,fatigue,stomach upsets, sprains and other discomforts of day to day living .
  • Enhances creativity, communication and learning abilities by improving the integration of the left and right hemispheres of the brain.
  • Helps children in their growth process, particularly with stress and learning difficulties.
  • Animals and plants love Reiki
  • Helps overcome fear and anxiety Reiki is a powerful practice for personnel growth and improving the quality of our life.
  • Compliments other healing systems including conventional medicines and alternative medicines.
  • Reiki benefits as both preventive and curative on health disorders .
  • Promote recovery from surgery, increases confidence and self esteem. .

The two days Reiki seminar with Master Aji. Experiences you a most relaxing and powerful healing effects ,

Reiki is safe simple natural and easy -to -learn. Reiki cannot be learned through books or internet because one should receive the sacred energy empowerment (Reiki Attunements) from the Master to the student enables the flow of Energy and its usages. This empowerments are nothing but expanding ones consciousness to aligned with Usui Traditional Natural system from the lineage of Masters Usui shiki Ryoho.

Master Ajikumar having experience of more than 17 years, in Reiki teaching and healing in the lineage of Usui system of Reiki natural healing

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Becoming a Reiki Master – Reiki Teachers Training

Reiki is a sacred practice that requires reverence and our greatest respect if we are to experience its most wonderful value.The joys of becoming a Reiki Master are many and you don’t necessarily have to teach in order for the Master training to be useful. The additional healing energy, symbols, techniques and knowledge will add value to your healing abilities. As each person takes the Reiki Master training, and increases their personal vibration, this adds to the vibration of the whole planet!

The Reiki Teachers Training Mode of schedule as follows for moldings knowledgeable Master to perform teachings of Reiki, able to gather spiritual power to remove the ignorance of a student with the power of knowledge through Reki.

The teaching course starts on 9th January 2020 and end on 6th February 2020.
Classes regularly 4 hrs/day with theory and practical leaded by 20year experienced teacher.

First week 4 hrs per day you will learn about the aims of Master teacher and ethical principles of Masters , Reiki anatomy and new symbols.

Second week 4 hours per day learning about attunement techniques, healing Initiations and
practice attunements.

Third Week first four days 4 hours per day will be lessons of “How to teach first degree“ and the practical part of initiation secrets.
The last three days will be the lessons 4 hours per day teaching about how to teach a second degree and its initiation secret practice.
This week you will learn and perform Initiations to a student, really start your teachings of Reiki course under the supervision of Master this completes First part of course .

The second part you will have a backup support from Master in online for one year
and this online support classes on every last weekend in every month , continue up to one year.

Course fee shall be paid on two different parts, in the beginning first payment and the second part will be on third week.

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